What is Heldelberg Cement?

Heidelberg Cement (Stylised HeidelbergCement) is a very large, multinational company centred around the manufacture and supply of building materials.

Headquartered in Heidelberg, Germany, the company has offices and operations in over 60 countries worldwide.

Heidelberg Cement is the largest supplier of construction aggregates in the world.

140 Years of Heidelberg Cement

Company Foundation, Beginnings and Acquisitions

Heidelberg Cement was founded in 1874, in Heidelberg, Germany. The company expanded rapidly, by the end of 1894 the company was producing almost 100,000 tonnes of cement annually.
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The company profited greatly during the two world wars, profiting from the increase in demand for construction materials. Completing several acquisitions during and after world war 1, the company expanded rapidly. By 1934, the company was producing over 1 Million tonnes of cement on an annual basis.

Since the 1980s, the company continues rapid growth and acquisitions, including Vicat Cement in France, Lehigh Cement in North America, SA Cimenteries of Belgium, Scancem of Scandinavia, but with large operations in Africa, Mysore Cement based out of India, and British Hanson in 2007, which had considerable operations in the UK and North America.

Additionally, the company acquired several smaller companies across eastern Europe and the Balkans, Asia and the Middle East.

Heidelberg Cement International
Heidelberg Cement International Presence

How big is Heidelberg Cement?

The HeidelbergCement group has activities in around 60 countries with over 60,000 employees working at over 3,000 separate sites, spread across over 60 countries.

The company operates almost 150 plants worldwide, with an annual capacity of almost 200 million tonnes of cement. In addition, a further 1,500 sites are dedicated to processing ready mixed concrete, and over 600 sites dedicated to quarrying and mining materials.


The company had an income of almost $19 Billion in 2018, and the company’s latest figures show a total asset value of over $37 Billion.

Adolf Merckle invested heavily in the company, and the Merckle family still control over 25% of the company shares.

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