Where did Ludwig Merckle’s wealth come from?

The majority of Ludwig Merckle’s wealth comes from his 25% shareholding in Heidelberg Cement, which delivered a profit of $19 Billion USD last year.

Heidelberg Cement plant in Morocco
Heidelberg Cement plant in Morocco


Merckle inherited the family business, founded by his Grandfather and passed down through his father to him. In 2008 and 2009, Ludwig Merckle’s father – Adolph Merckle – had to make a considerable sale of assets including the sale of Ratiopharm to TEVA Pharmaceuticals, and the sale of more than 50% of the family’s holdings in Heidelberg Cement. After some risky, short sighted speculative investments crippled the business, and after the sale of assets and subsequent tragic death of his father to suicide, Ludwig Merckle managed to turn things around and earned $900 Million last year, according to Bloomberg.
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Ludwig Merckle's Pharma Company Logo
Ratiopharm Company Logo

Heidelberg Cement Shareholding

Ludwig Merckle owns an impressive 26.70% of Heidelberg Cement, even after having had to sell almost 50% of his holdings after the 2008 crisis. The rest of the company is owned by institutional investors and private investors from the world over, as can be seen by the chart below, taken directly from the Heidelberg Cement shareholders relations page.

Heidelberg Cement had a profit of over 18 Billion USD in 2018

Heidelberg Cement Shareholders
Geography of Heidelberg Cement Shareholders

Other Shareholdings – Phoenix Pharmahandel

In addition to Heidelberg Cement, Ludwig Merckle holds a 25% share of Phoenix Pharmahandel, which distributes and sells drugs across Europe.

Phoenix Pharmahandel Company Video

Other Shareholdings – Kässbohrer & Zollern

As well as this, Ludwig Merckle owns Kässbohrer, who manufacture industrial plant machinery and snowcats, and 50% of Zollern, who manufacture engines and engine parts.

Kässbohrer Corporate Video

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